Expression of Interest for Research

NIAM has proactively conducted applied research and case studies over the years to support its training and education programme with a focus on establishing forward linkage,s infrastructure requirements and assessingInformation technology and its application in market information, warehouse management, logistics, etc.

  • Economic analysis of production and marketing of guar for USDA
  • Marketing of Guar-NCDEX
  • Benefits of accreditation of warehousing for FMC
  • Identification of factors responsible for slow progress of NWR finance
  • Reforms and Investment Study for Ministry of agriculture for Assam, Bihar, Kerala and Odisha
SnoTitleProject Coordinator
1 To study the Cultivation / Collection Practices and Market Analysis of Ashwagandha, Aloe-vera and Aonla in the State of Telangana Dr. Sattram Singh, Principal Investigator
Ms. Dyuti De, Consultant
2 Benefits of eNAM Process to Farmers – A Study Dr. Sathyendra Kumar A D
Dr. Satish Chandra Pant
3 Performance of eNAM in Rajasthan- A Case Study Sathyendra Kumar
Satish Chandra Pant &
Ravi Kumar Chandra
4 Report on Maize Business School in Karnataka Dr. C.P. Gracy
Dr. Sathyendra Kumar. A. D
Dr. M.S. Ganapathy
Dr. Siddayya
Dr. Ranganath. G
Mr. Somaiah. K.P
Mr. Raghavendra. P.K
5 Technical Report of Wheat Business School Dr. S.R. Singh
Prof. Bijendra Singh
Dr. Satya Prakash
6 Performance Evaluation of e- National Agriculture Market Dr. S.R. Singh
Dr. Satish Chandra Pant
Mr. Sathyendra A.D.
7 Reach of AGMARKNET to farmers in the state of Odisha Prof. R K Mishra
Dr Satish Chandra Pant
8 Market Feasibility Study For Jackfruit Value Added Products Dr. Ramesh Mittal
Dr. K. Sankaran
Dr. A.P. Achar
9 Status of Central Sector Scheme of Gramin Bhandaran Yojna/ Rural Godown Scheme: A Case Study Approach Dr. K.B. Ramappa
Prof. Parmod Kumar
Prof. I. Maruthi
11 Impact of Farmer Income in View of Current Trends in Agri-Retailing Dr.Ramesh Mittal
12 Public Private Partnership in Agricultural Marketing Dr. B.K.Paty

i. Guar Industry Vision 2020: Single Vision Strategies

ii. Impact Analysis of Commodity Futures on Spot Prices, and Risk Management in Essential Commodities

Dr. Purushottam Sharma
14 Contract Farming in India, Problems and Prospects – A Case Study of Gherkin in Karnataka Dr. K. C. Gummagolmath
15 Study on Problems and Prospects in Marketing of Msint Oil in Moradabad District of Uttar Pradesh Dr. Sattram Singh

Marketing of Flowers in Karnataka – Infrastructure, Systems and Economics

Executive Summary | Concept | Final Report

Dr. Saswati Bose

Capacity building of officers of prevention of post harvest losses

Contents | Final Report

Dr. K.C. Gummagolmath
18 Impact assessment of e-tendering of agricultural commodities in Karnataka (2012-13) Dr Shalendra
19 Marketing of Pulses in India (2011-12) Dr Shalendra
20 Handling of Agricultural Wastes in APMCs Dr. Saswati Bose
21 Training need assessment of officers working in agricultural marketing Dr. K.C. Gummagolmath
22 Trends in marketing and export of Onion In India Dr. K.C. Gummagolmath
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