1. Background : 

All over the world, incubators are receiving attention for developing new enterprises in the fields of technology, service, and business ideas etc. in research institutions and universities. The Government of India has also attempted to rejuvenate the technology and business development ecosystem in various sectors through its rejuvenated flagship programmes.

2. Introduction :

The Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna (RKVY) is an important scheme of the Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare (MoA&FW), aimed at strengthening infrastructure in agriculture and allied areas In order to promote agripreneurship and agribusiness by providing financial support and nurturing the incubation ecosystem, a new component under the revamped scheme RKVYRAFTAAR has been launched in 2018-19 with 10% of annual outlay inclusive of 2% administrative cost.

    RKVY-RAFTAAR supports agribusiness incubation by tapping innovations and technologies for venture creation in agriculture. In this process, incubation facilities and expertise already available with participating academic, technical, management and R&D institutions in the country shall be utilized on an individual or collective basis to harness synergies. The existing institutional agribusiness incubators would be strengthened on a need basis by providing grants-in-aid.

   Agribusiness Incubation is in its early stages in the Indian agricultural landscape. Though a good number of agribusiness incubators have been started since the first agribusiness incubator by ICRISAT was set up around 2003 in India, yet the success rate of such incubators has not been high. The existing institutional agribusiness incubators are, therefore, envisaged to be strengthened on a need basis and new ones to be set up by providing grants-in-aid under the scheme.

3. The key components of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Cell under RKVYRAFTAAR :

3.1 The following components will be executed under RKVY-RAFTAAR :

  1. Strengthening of existing agribusiness incubators for integrated rejuvenation and development and setting up new ones – R-ABI (RKVY-RAFTAAR Agribusiness Incubators).
  2. Seed Stage Funding of R-ABI Incubates .
  3. Agripreneurship Orientation
  4. Idea/Pre-Seed Stage Funding of Agripreneurs The same facility will be utilized to execute all the above mentioned components of RKVY-RAFTAAR.

3.2 Operating structure Innovation & Entrepreneurship Cell under RKVY-RAFTAAR :

As a first step, a R-ABI (either existing or new) will strengthen itself with need-based infrastructure, equipment and man power support to implement different components. Thereafter, the R-ABI will execute and monitor various activities covered under these components.

  1. Funding support will be provided to operate the R-ABI programme up to March 2020.
  2. Selected RKVY-RAFTAAR incubatees will be provided incubation and seed stage money as 85 percent grant up to a maximum of Rs. 25 lakhs through R-ABIs for product development/improvement, administrative and market research in the early stages of a start-up.
  3. Selected RKVY-RAFTAAR agripreneurs that have technology/ service/ business platform-based ideas will be provided a stipend for two months for training cum internship with R-ABIs.
  4. Selected RKVY-RAFTAAR interns after successful completion of training cum internship will be provided idea/pre-seed stage seed money as 90 percent grant up to a maximum of Rs. 5 lakhs through R-ABIs to convert their idea/proof of concept into prototype/ product.
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