U.S. - India - Africa International Training Programme on Agricultural Marketing Management

Under the trilateral program, the Chaudhary Charan Singh (CCS) National Institute of Agricultural Marketing (NIAM) has organized three training programmes on agricultural marketing management as per details provided below:

Table – I Schedule of programme

Start DateCompletion DateProgrammeParticipating countryNumber
22/07/2013 19/10/2013 Agril Marketing Management Kenya, Malawi and Liberia 30
10/02/2014 10/05/2014 Agril Marketing Management Kenya, Malawi and Liberia 30
18/09/2014 16/12/2014 Agril Marketing Management Kenya and Malawi 30

Objectives of the Programme:-

  • To develop adequate conceptual base in agricultural marketing, food security and management
  • To understand the organizational arrangements and modalities of the functions of existing agricultural marketing systems.
  • To enhance operating skills in using management tools and techniques in different functional areas.
  • To provide exposure to Agribusiness environment, challenges, and opportunities in the global context.
  • To develop an action plan for operationalization of the concepts and learning at back-at work situation.

Training Methodology:-

The content of the programme was delivered in through a highly participatory approach. The participants were provided with an environment to contribute ideas and take part in group activities and assignments..The participants also learnt from interaction with industry experts, trainers and other resource persons. Lectures, group and panel discussions, library based assignments, case studies, and field visits were also used to impart knowledge to the participants.

Total 265 sessions were delivered in each programme

Learning Methodology
Sr NoTools
1  Group Exercise
2  Case Study Discussion
3  Visit to Market Industry, labs, offices
4 Interaction with Officers and faculty, Scientists, farmer groups 
5  Group Presentations
6  Local visit to Offices and Organizations
7  Exposure to technology and demonstration

Participants: -

The participants in the program were professionals and functionaries involved in agricultural marketing management in government, private, and NGO sectors. They represented various sectoral organizations involved in Crops, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Dairy, Fisheries, Agribusiness, Agriculture Statistics, Information and communication etc. Considering the important role being played by women in rural development in Africa, the participation from women participants was particularly encouraged.

A total of 90 participants from three African countries namely Kenya, Malawi and Liberia participated in the programme. The representation of different countries is presented in the table presented below:

Table – II – Number of officers trained under USAID – India –Africa International Programme

CountryNumber of Participants
ProgramFirst ProgrammeSecond ProgrammeThird ProgrammeTotal
Kenya 10 10 15 35
Malawi 9 10 15 34
Liberia 11 10 00 21
Total 30 30 30 90

A comprehensive selection procedure was adopted to have participation from different kind of organizations working for the development of agriculture and farming community mainly the smallholders. The nominations were received from wade range of organizations like Ministry of Agriculture, training institutes, NGO and other development organizations, private players and entrepreneurs and other Directorate and corporations. The representation of different kind of organizations has been depicted in the figure presented below:

Visit to Kenya and Malawi for Post training feedback:

Under the USAID trilateral programme conducted by NIAM for Kenya and Malawi, a visit to Kenya was undertaken from 15 August- 30th September 2014 and 10 - 20 May 2015. The objective of the visit was as under

  • Post training feed back of the training programmes conducted by NIAM
  • Review the Action plans that are under progress
  • To document some successful initiatives
  • To discuss and have suggestions for further collaboration During the visit action plans were reviewed, post training feedback was undertaken A future collaboration with Egerton University, Nairobi and Bunda college, Malawi has been worked out.

Total Visit Counts :- 2782036