1. Indian Institute of Plantation Management
  Location Bengaluru
  Website www.iipmb.edu.in
2. Interface Agricultural Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  Location Hyderabad
  Website www.interfaceagritech.com
3. Participatory Rural Development Initiatives Society (PRDIS)
  Location Hyderabad
  Website www.prdis.org
4. Raithamitra Farmers Producer Company Ltd.
  Location Mysore
  Website www.raithamitra.in
5. University of Agricultural Sciences
  Location Bengaluru
  Website www.uasbangalore.edu.in
6. Institute of Co-operative and Corporate Management, Research and Training (ICCMRT)
  Location Lucknow, U.P
  Website www.iccmrt.ac.in
7. Institute for Social and Economic Change
  Location Bengaluru
  Website www.isec.ac.in
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